What is the difference between Data and information?

What is differentiate between data and information? Data means before processing the collection of raw facts, figures, and any data, and processed data is called Information.

Data and information

It refers to a collection of raw facts and figures related to an object. The object may be a person, an organization, or anything else. The word ‘raw’ means unprocessed. The data does not give proper meaning. It means that the collection of about anything cannot be use for decision-making. For decision-making, it must be the first process. Data can be of any type. Basically, there are five types of data. These are:

  • Text Data
  • Image Data
  • Numeric Data
  • Audio Data
  • Video Data
Differentiate between data and information image
data and information

Text Data

        Text Data contains a group of alphabets, letters, and further. For example, Documents, Files, text from financial news, social media, etc. all are examples of data. It means that anything that is written and does not provide proper and clear meanings in text data.

Image Data

  Image Data consists of pictures, images etc. captured by digital cameras. It is trace data, that represents the underlying pixel data of an image.

For example, Images of a person captured by camera etc.

Numeric Data

        Numeric data consists of digits, numbers, and furthermore. These numbers may be serial numbers, postcodes, etc. Numerical data is a type of data that is expressed in numbers, numerical data is always collected in number form. These characteristics, it is identified easily.  There are two types of numeric data:

  • Integer Data
  • Real Data

Audio Data

Audio Data consists of speeches, voice, etc. The audio data is in the form of continuous signals. So, this data must be converted into digital data before use and stored in the computer system. obviously, this may be a song, playlist, etc.

Video Data

Video data consists of motion pictures or moving films. Digital cameras capture these moving films. For example, Animations, movies, etc.


  The data after processing or processed data is called information. Information can be of different types. It gives us proper and clear meanings. So, we can use it for decision-making. There may be any type of information about anything. For example, in a university, we have 5000 students for admission. This is data that we have 5000 students in a university. When we classify them, i.e. there are 1200 students of IT, 1300 students of Zoology, 200 students of botany, 700 students of microbiology, 300 students of M.A. English, 800 students of M.A. Urdu, and 500 students of Mathematics. This is information now. Now it is useful and processed, we can use it for making a decision. It is information. The information is related to data. Data is necessary for information. Information is the basic step for decision-making.

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